Maintenance & Support

Service and Support

Adhere to the philosophy of "seeking reputation with good quality, occupying market with excellent service" KINHOCK is dedicated to build 4s marketing network (sale, spare parts, service and survey to forming a perfect sales and service throughout the country. This is an essential service to our customers. We are dedicated to high quality service and delivery. We provide excellent after sales service and on-site support. We have our own dedicated team in the service and support department.

After Sales Care and Technical Support for our customers

We begin with post-delivery technical instruction and training for operators and on site supervisors. Followed by a comprehensive scheduled maintenance package during the warranty period as well as for the full life-span of the machine under our care.


We provide training program for operators to gain familiarization and understanding of XGMA machine controls and to learn proper operating procedures. The proper training of the operating procedures maximize the performance of your equipment, reduce costly downtime, increase ROI and improve safety in your workplace.

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